Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Young and Ambitious!

Hardworking Youth of Soviet Union
Votrin V., 1986

Komsomol (Communist Youth Union) was a communist organization for young soviet people. One could join Komsomol only after being Oktyabrenok (age 7-9, organization name derived from October revolution) and Pioneer (age 9-14). Komsomol was the last step before becoming a member of Communist Party, which was obligatory for those, who wanted to get well-paid jobs and career opportunities.

Komsomol was a political organization, which guided and introduced youth to the communist values. To enter one should have passed an exam on C.P.S.U. history and have perfect personal references. Also, Komsomol was an excellent source of labour resources for ambitious soviet projects like BAM (Baikal Amur Mainline). When you are young it is always so inspiring to go to nowhere and to make great deeds, so soviet youth was carried away with enthusiasm. Many older people recall those days of Komsomol as the most beautiful days of their lives, despite the fact that they did have to work really hard there. Besides the payment was generous, so Komsomol work camps were the best way for a young man to make a living without parental assistance.

The poster above says: “Our youth is hard-working indeed, it is performing notable feats, our youth is devoted to Socialism”.