Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News from A Soviet Poster A Day Blog

Hi, friends!

A Soviet Poster a Day Blog is no more! It has ceased to be. But there's no reason to cry as I have just started two other blogs: and Feel free to subscribe to "Dog Posters" and "War Posters". I had great time writing stuff about vintage Soviet Art here (120 posters reviewed so far – check the archieves!) and during the last two years of absence I could not stop thinking about the joy of investigating the background of these beautiful artworks. Now I'm not limited to Soviet Union - France, Britain, Spain has produced an equal amount of amazing posters over the 20th century.

Also two years ago I got myself a beautiful beagle dog. "My little old dog: A heart-beat at my feet" – this a quote by Edith Wharton – and the dog Harley became my true pride and joy. So my intention to explore the world of dogs is obvious. Thus I started "".

These blogs are updated two-three times a week. I have yet to update lots of things on there– design, site info, etc., so you're comments are most welcome. See you at and!

With best regards,
A Soviet Poster A Day Blog